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Dry Storage Building_edited.jpg

Luminos Nuclear Gamma Hardened LED luminaires installed in
Spent Fuel Dry Storage building in NEK, Slovenia

Standard Gamma Products


GAMMA radiation hardened LED lights " LUMINOS Nuclear " are made of materials which can survive gamma radiation of up to 16 KGy. Luminos Nuclear products are especially designed to replace inefficient lighting in nuclear power plants. All luminaire components including the LED driver were tested in Triga Mark II reactor in Institute Jožef Stefan in Slovenia. All other testing was done in SIQ Ljubljana, also in Slovenia.


Linear Gamma LED luminaires are the most efficient substitute to fluorescent lamps. Power consumption is 2 - 3x less than standard fluorescent bulbs. When designing this luminaire, we decided to use the best possible materials and components. With advanced LED chips (< 210 lm/W), aluminum housing, tempered glass and other high quality components, this LED luminaire is designed to last. After accounting for losses in glass, LED driver and optics, the overall efficiency of this luminaire is around 155lm/W.

In addition to standard dimensions, we can also design this luminaire to customer specific dimensions and desires. Distribution angle of illumination can be 20°, 30°, 60° or 90° and power between 20 - 80W. Montage systems can also be adjusted

Montage systems

Flat Line/Gamma

LED Flat Line/Gamma luminaires are used to illuminate various indoor spaces such as technical premises, production premises, offices, warehouses or any area, where they are exposed to gamma radiation. We recommend that this model is mounted 3 - 6m high, with flux distribution angle 120°, and up to 12m high with flux distribution angle 60°
The luminaires have outstanding energy efficiency due to the use of the most advanced LED light sources, high efficiency LED driver and carefully selected other components. They are also distinguished by their 100% resistance to burns of a single LED light source, a large redundancy of power modules and a robust aluminium profile dyed with high-quality polyurethane varnishes. All other electronic characteristics are similar to the model STR ULTRA.

Luminos Nuclear Stadion/Gamma

The Gamma Hardened Stadion LED Reflector is suitable especially for high mounting in areas such as SFDS (spent fuel dry storage area), containment building in nuclear power plants and on high towers around the nuclear power plant. This model can be an indoor and an outdoor version. For the outdoor version we recommend the IP66 option.

This model has LED diodes with efficiency of around 190 lm/W. After all the losses inside the LED luminaire and the LED driver, we get a luminous flux of 160 lm/W out of the LED reflector.
For OEM montage system, customers need to provide us with schematics. The original montage is a hanging type on two points with prepared 9 mm holes. 

Luminos Nuclear STR/Gamma

STR ULTRA Gamma Hardened LED reflector is in the category of most energy-efficient LED reflectors on the market. It is used to illuminate large outdoor areas. It is specially developed for use in a low, medium and high radiation areas, like WMB (Waste Management Buildings), waste storage buildings. 

STR ULTRA/GAMMA reflector can be mounted from 8 m up to 30 m high. In addition to exceptional energy efficiency due to the use of the most advanced LED light sources and the best possible nanotechnology optics with reflection of 98 %,

this LED luminaire also features 100% resistance to burns of a single LED light source, a large redundancy of LED driver and quality aluminium housing with powder painting. The lifetime is more than 20 years and warranty time is 5 - 10 years.


Testing report

LED driver tests on the effects of gamma radiation were conducted in the TRIGA reactor of the Jožef Stefan Institute in Podgorica near Ljubljana.
The test lasted about 33 hours. During that time, the total dose of gamma radiation was 16kGy, at a dose rate of 300 - 600 Gy/h.

Test Reports on GAMMA radiation

GAMMA radiation testing
GAMMA Radiation testing in TRIGA Mark II reactor

LED Driver ready for testing inside TRIGA Mark II CORE

LED driver GAMMA hardness testing

DEWESOFT ( measuring system for electric parameters measurements, during LED driver testing inside core TRIGA Mark II reactor.  

LED driver GAMMA hardness testing

Testing is done when the reactor is shut down. LED driver is in the middle of the reactor core, while the LED lamp is outside. Components of the LED lamp were tested separately. DEWESOFT measuring system is making measurements of electrical parameters 500 times per second and notes the measured averages every minute in a table.



Company Nanocut was established in 2014.

In the first two years we were developing, manufacturing and selling many different LED light models. These products with some installation pictures can also be seen on our Nanocut company website With our knowledge of switch mode power supplies (SMPS), we started developing our own LED driver, carefully choosing standard components. After our cooperation with Slovenian Institute Jožef Stefan, where they run the TRIGA Mark II reactor, we finished the testing of our LED driver on gamma doses up to 17 KGy. 

We've also been testing all the components and different models of power supplies for more than two years to get good results. In the end, our LED driver survived for 33 hours inside the TRIGA reactor core, at gamma dose rate of 300-600 Gy/h.

Engineers in our company have more than 35 years of experience in SMPS and more than 20 years of experience in mechanical engineering construction. All this knowledge and experience was needed, because the gamma radiation hardened LED luminaire is not a simple product. We are using our own technology called "DERCCAT". Product developed with this technology is carefully designed using extensive knowledge of seven physical properties. Diffusion, Emission, Reflection, Conduction, Convection, Absorption and Transparency.​ All these physical properties have effect on heating, efficiency and LED luminaire lifetime. 

The same LED driver, which can survive high gamma doses, is used in all of our gamma resistant LED lighting products. We can also develop gamma radiation hardened LED luminaires with custom dimensions. The LED driver technology belongs to our company. All other mechanical parts are also developed and manufactured in our company.


Dry Storage Building - NEK.jpg

Dry storage facility in Krško built by Holtec.
Three pictures show LED reflectors STR ULTRA on 30m high towers. All together 40 LED reflectors were installed on 6 towers. Complete connecting power 5.4 KW, covers an area of 20000 m2. Avarage luminance level on the ground is 28 lx.

Many of our other LED lamp installations can also be seen on our main company website



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